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About Vestus

Founded in 2002, Vestus has grown to become the #1 foreclosure service in the Pacific Northwest. We have proudly achieved this status by remaining true to our commitment of assisting investors find the best possible deals in the foreclosure market. In our goal to make purchasing a foreclosed home a good buying decision, we continually provide investors with the knowledge, resources, and guidance essential to successfully buy a foreclosure property they are interested in.

At Vestus we realized long ago that purchasing a foreclosed property is no easy task, whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned investor. It is a complicated process which is comprised of many components- tracking the best and most recent foreclosure properties, determining values, understanding deed positions, the auction process, and securing funding from the ‘right’ lender-just to name a few. That is why Vestus developed a simple proven system which takes the guesswork out of buying a foreclosed property and makes it a pleasurable and profitable experience.

Our team is comprised of professional and dedicated realtors from the Pacific Northwest who, with over 40 years of combined experience, have assisted over 8000 real estate purchases at auctions. We invite you to stop by one of our offices to speak with a professional member of our team, or attend one of our Investor Classes, so you can learn more about what Vestus is all about and what we have to offer.

As a Vestus member you can become a successful real estate investor in just 3 simple steps:

  Step 1- Vestus Foreclosure Class

Held Every Tuesday at 5:30 pm, our class covers all aspects of the foreclosure process and auction buying strategies. Topics and areas of interest include:

  • Differences between Judicial and Non-Judicial foreclosures.
  • The foreclosure lifecycle.
  • How to determine property value  .
  • Understanding deed positions, title information, and the differences between short sales, REO and pre-foreclosures.
  • Property "fix-up" strategies.
  • Comprehending tax strategies.
  • How to calculate a net-profit worksheet.

At our Vestus foreclosure workshop we will also give you exclusive access to the Vestus website, along with the ability to consult with one of our experienced team members. Here you will receive the necessary tools essential in tracking foreclosures. These resources include photographs of properties, title information, opening bids, tax status, comparable values, and real time updates.

 Step 2- Vestus Auction Strategy Meetings

Held every Thursday at 5:30 the evening prior to the Friday auction At these meetings we also host a delicious dinner for all attendees.


During our Auction Strategy Meeting you will receive an Auction Strategy Packet and a review of every property, along with our top picks for the week, to fully prepare you for the upcoming auction.


Some of the Strategy Meeting benefits include:

  • A summation of the Vestus team’s physical review of the property and the estimated fix-up cost (we physically drive to every property for a hands-on evaluation).
  • Our team completes a comparable market analysis for every property
  • Title is reviewed and explained in detail

At the Vestus Strategy Meetings you will also have the opportunity for one-on-one time with our Vestus team to have all your questions answered, along with the assistance of strike prices.

  Step 3- Purchase at the Auctions

On Auction Day, Vestus Members receive updates by our team on cancelations, postponements, and minimum bids. Up-to-the-minute Friday morning research by our Vestus team enables you to purchase property up to 40% below fair market value.

Bidding at the Auction:


We assist all qualified Vestus members by providing bidding funds which saves you the inconvenience of bringing cash to the auction.

At every auction, you will always have the support of our Vestus team!

After the Auction, Vestus will guide you to obtain possession and secure the services of professional contractors for any ‘fix-up’ that is needed. We can also assist you in the sale or rental of your newly acquired property. Our preferred mortgage team can additionally provide you with refinancing, whether you are keeping the home as a rental or as your primary residence.

When you join Vestus, you will soon realize that you aren’t just a member; you have become a part of our Vestus community- a community of investors, like yourself, working with expert realtors and consultants who are dedicated to ensuring your investment journey is a positive and successful one…every step of the way!