Foreclosure investing in the Pacific Northwest​

Founded in 2002, Vestus has grown to become the #1 foreclosure service in the Pacific Northwest. We have proudly achieved this status by remaining true to our commitment of assisting investors find the best possible deals in the foreclosure market.​

#1 Foreclosure Investing Group in the Northwest

Where every individual who has an interest in real estate investing can become not only a successful investor, but a savvy one as well.

Foreclosure Auction Funding

Bridge financing is quickly becoming the primary source of funding, replacing traditional lending sources. Eastside Funding provides financing from private equity lenders for your real estate needs.

Free Investor Education and Courses

Purchasing a foreclosed property presents opportunity along with challenges. We offer investor Workshops every week to guide you through the entire foreclosure process.

We've helped investors just like you grow their wealth safely and securely.

Our team is comprised of professional and dedicated realtors from the Pacific Northwest who, with over 40 years of combined experience, have assisted over 10,000 real estate purchases at auctions. We invite you to stop by one of our offices to speak with a professional member of our team, or attend one of our Investor Classes, so you can learn more about what Vestus is all about and what we have to offer.

Seattle Townhome

Bought for $295k | Sold for $490k

Carnation Residence

Bought for $400k | Sold for $725k

Seattle Residence

Bought for $450k | Sold for $650k

Redmond Residence

Bought for $526k | Sold for $799k

We Continually Provide Investors With Knowledge, Resources And Guidance...​

At Vestus we realized long ago that purchasing a foreclosed property is no easy task, whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned investor.

It is a complicated process which is comprised of many components tracking the best and most recent foreclosure properties, determining values, understanding deed positions, the auction process, and securing funding from the ‘right’ lender just to name a few. That is why Vestus developed a simple proven system which takes the guesswork out of buying a foreclosed property and makes it a pleasurable and profitable experience.

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Satisfied Clients

I have done a number of properties with them. For me...they have been helpful. When I have asked for help or in need of comps they have provided the information. There is always risk, for me....it has been good so far. AL of the group has been great to work with.
Vestus is professional, know what they are doing and are very up to date with market trends and opportunities. I have worked with them for many years and am a happy customer. They are great for first time auction home buyers - they handhold you along with all the steps even after the sales are done...