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On Auction Day, Vestus Members receive updates by our team on cancelations, postponements, and minimum bids. Up-to-the-minute Friday morning research by our Vestus team enables you to purchase property up to 40% below fair market value.

Bidding at the Auction

Unfortunately, for real estate investors, traditional lending sources are either extremely limited or non-existent. The good news is, bridge financing has quickly become a viable and primary source of funding for anyone looking to invest in real estate. One of the most reputable and renowned companies offering bridge financing is Eastside Funding, LLC. They are experts in providing fast loans financed by private equity lenders for all your real estate needs.

The Right Funding

At Vestus, one of our goals is to introduce you to our mortgage brokers who are well versed in investment loans. They also possess the expertise to help any investor convert investment loans to conventional loans at exceptional pricing and rates.

Understandably, every investor should always carefully consider the bridge financing lender they need to partner with in order to make their investment a reality. In recognizing this decision should never be taken lightly, Vestus helps investors conduct the necessary research so they can make a sound judgement in choosing their funding partner. Ideally, the funding partner you choose should also be an experienced real estate investor, as well as one who can provide the highest level of support throughout your investment journey.

Since 2004, Eastside Funding, LLC has lent over one billion dollars to real estate investors and is the market leader in auction bridge financing. Whether you are just beginning your investment journey or seasoned investor, Eastside Funding, LLC’s only priority is to work closely and diligently with its partners to ensure long-term and mutually beneficial success.

Where every individual who has an interest in real estate investing can become not only a successful investor, but a savvy one as well.