Aucton Strategy Meetings

Every Thursday at 5:30 PM

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Work with expert realtors and consultants who are dedicated to ensuring your investment journey is a positive and successful one…every step of the way!

In addition to our weekly Foreclosure Investor Class, we also offer a Vestus Auction Strategy Meeting. Our strategy meetings are held every Thursday at 5:30- the evening before the Friday auction.

Attending these meetings is essential because they extensively prepare you for the upcoming auction by providing you with an Auction Strategy Packet. Each Packet includes an analysis, as well as an in-depth study of the foreclosing properties available at auction. It is at these meetings we will also review the top picks of the current week, help our investors strike prices, and assist you in the bidding process for the properties you are interested in at auction. One of the perks of attending these crucial strategy meetings-where a wealth of information will be shared, is the fabulous dinner we serve during the meeting- so along with your thirst for knowledge, you’ll also want to bring your appetite too!

Another advantage in becoming a member of the Vestus community is the benefit of being able to access to our website. As an exceptional resource tool, our website also provides you with real-time foreclosure market data, as well as a gateway to borrow millions of dollars of funding from our financial partner-Eastside Funding, LLC.

Where every individual who has an interest in real estate investing can become not only a successful investor, but a savvy one as well.